What is LIVE THE ORANGE LIFE Program of the Home Depot?

What is The Home Depot

Home Depot is one of the largest retailers. It supplies daily basis needs of a home, furniture, construction materials, and many more. It is situated in the United States, whereas headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. 


Is Home Depot a union? 

Yes, The Home Depot has Union representation. The majority share of valid ballots cast wins in a union. 


What is Live The Orange Life

Live the Orange life is a shop open 24/7. A variety of resources of health or living care are available. 

Livetheorangelife is a portal which benefits workers as they can directly contact medical and financial facilities. More than 400,000 employees work in the Home Depot. For the convenience of the huge volume of employees, a beneficial website is introduced, which is accessible to everyone. 



  • Solve individual needs. 
  • Assist in relocation. 
  • Back-up Department care. 
  • Tax Preparation Discount Program. 
  • Insurance provider. 
  • A special offer of a 15 percent discount on any purchase from Livetheorangelife. 
  • Legal service plan. 
  • Veterinary Insurance,  and many more. 


About Livetheorangelife 

Employees are the base of a company. Home Depot tried every means to benefit their employees.  A summary of the list is sorted and accessed through a separate portal, named Livetheorangelife.com. Any worker can access this site easily after login to this portal. 


Contact details :

For any query or problem, call the service center at 866-698-4347,  or the benefit choice center call at 800-55t-4954. 

The call must be between 9.00 a.m. To 7.00 p.m (Eastern Time) on weekdays. 


Is Home Depot a good place to work? 

The answer is a big yes.  Home Depot allows relaxation for employees. 


I am a part-time employee at Home Depot, do I get any benefits? 

Unlike other companies, Home Depot offers benefits to every permanent or part-time employee in the company. Many benefits or offers are provided by Livetheorangelife. 


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