Mythdhr employee self service(ESS)

What is MythDHR? 

Companies whose capacity of employees is more than 15k, usually maintain a portal for their employees. Here, MythDHR, the portal belongs to Home Depot. A portal plays a very important role in a company. They simplify the employer’s work and management issues regarding employees. 

There are a  variety of options in this online portal. Employees can easily see their schedule, paychecks history, and many more. For every employee, a separate account is formed. Thus, one can search for an individual and get his details, including work hours, history of payroll, taxes, and many more in no time. 

Is this portal useful? Of course! 

Portals are installed in a company for the benefit of the employees. This helps the employer to categorize his employees accordingly. In short, it allows the head to supervise his employees indirectly. 


MythDHR portal offers a variety of services. Among many, Employee self-service (ESS)  is unique. Unlike other portals, MythDHR offers ESS to its employees. Hence, employees can make any changes or lodge requests. 


Employee Self Service 

Are you an employee of Home Depot? Want to change postal address, email ID, or view your payroll? Don’t worry!  Here you can change any information in your profile. Apart from these, an absent request may be lodged, change your payment method, view your payroll history list, or even your payroll card. 


Want to change profile information or have any request? 

You have to log in to the MythDHR portal in the Home Depot to use Employee Self Service (ESS). Follow the steps to log in to the official website of Home Depot. 

  1. Open the official website ( 
  2. Select your appropriate schedule. 
  3. Now, among the language variety, choose your comfortable language, to continue the next process. 
  4. You have to select your range of shops. 
  5. Now, use your usual username and the same password given earlier. 
  6. Finally, log in to MythDHR, to make necessary changes. 


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