Does Home Depot give employees a discount?



Home Depot 

The Home Depot is very famous and one of the largest retailers in the United States. It sells the daily needs of a home, furniture, construction materials, and many more. The headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. A huge number of employees work under this company may be due to the benefits that the company provides to its employees. 

How much does Home Depot pay their employees? 

An average salary of $12.44 per hour is paid to the employees. This rate varies from the below limit of $10.38 to the upper limit of $18.59. 

Does Home Depot give employees a discount? 

There is no separate scheme that the employees of the Home Depot will get a discount on their purchases. However, a certain category of employees does receive a small discount on their purchase. The category includes officers of the company mentioned above. Apart from these, the hard-working employees, who work at least twenty hours weekly, get special benefits like dental care, insurance, and many more. 


However, a few mobile companies like Verizon, AT & t, or Sprint allot offers on their products to the employees of the Home Depot. 


At &  t wireless :

At &  t company gives a certain amount of discount to the employees of the Home Depot. The discount starts at 5 percent and ranges to 25 percent. To know the detailed information about the discount or product, visit the official website of the company. 


Verizon wireless:

This company starts its discount from at least 10 percent on their data plan.  These discounts vary from 10 to 50 percent on accessories. You have to register your account using an email address on their web page. To know the details of the discount, visit their official website. 


Sprint cell phone :

Like the other two companies mentioned above,  Sprint provides a little relaxation in payments on buying their products by an employee of the Home Depot company. This company starts its discount from at least 5 percent; it rises to a maximum of 25 percent. You have to visit the official website of this company to know more details of their products and discounts on them. 

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